Block Party Trailers

  • BLOCK Party trailers

    We’d love for you to plan an event using one of our two block party trailers. Call ahead and schedule one today and go reach people for Jesus!

    The BP1 trailer includes:

    two inflatable bouncy houses (with inflation blowers), four canopies, six 6' folding tables, twenty-four folding chairs, PA system, CD player, popcorn machine, hotdog roller grill, snow cone maker, nacho machine, nacho chip warmer, all the accessories to serve the above, plus... two LARGE ice chests, two 50gal trash cans, power cords, First Aid Kit; Big Foot hand truck and 1 wagon

    The BP2 trailer includes:

    1 inflatable bouncy house (with blower), a popcorn machine, a snow cone maker, power cords and a hand truck